Inconsistency is Ruining Your Life, Build Better Habits
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Inconsistency is Ruining Your Life, Build Better Habits

Redefine your identity, optimise your environment, and create an ideal systems to improve your habits and life.
Inconsistency is Ruining Your Life, Build Better Habits

Every day, you’re either improving or getting worse. If you’re inconsistent in doing what’s necessary for your growth, all your effort will be wasted. What can you do about it?

James Clear wrote in his book, Atomic Habits, that habits are the atomic building blocks of our lives. The better your habits, the closer you are to your ideal life. How do you build better habits?

While discipline is important, it shouldn’t be your sole focus. If you want to cultivate a habit of writing, don’t force yourself to write 500 words a day. Instead, reframe your identity and think yourself as a writer who is just going to do what a writer is supposed to.

Environment also has a huge impact on your habits. If you have junk food lying around in the house, you’re bound to eat it at some point. Make bad habits out of your reach so you can stick to the good habits without much frictions.

System is your best friend in instilling good habits. You should have your eyes on the results but your main focus should always be on creating a system that let you perform your habits consistently. A well-thought system allows you to pay attention to the actions that you can control and not the results.

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