How to Build Better Habits
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How to Build Better Habits

You are the result of your habits. Here’s how to take charge of what you do everyday so you can achieve greatness.
How to Build Better Habits

Like interests, habits can be compounded too. Your daily habits, no matter how tiny, can have long-lasting impact in your life. Your decision to eat healthier or junk food determines your health. If you choose to invest each month, you’ll have much more money after a while than those who didn’t.

You can use hard work, good habits, and consistency to compensate for your lack of natural talent. On the flip side, bad habits will render your talent useless too. So when adjusting and instilling your habits, you need to be mindful that the compounding effect can work for and against you.

You decide the direction of your habits, positive or negative.

Here are some tips to build better habits:

  1. Notice what triggers you do perform a habit. Then create your own triggers to positive habits.
  2. Create an environment where there are fewer temptations for  bad habits. Remove junk food from your house, clear anything that distracts you from your desk and stay away from toxic friends.
  3. Purge your bad habit one at a time to build momentum.
  4. Make the habits easy and convenient to perform.
  5. Replace a bad habit with a good habit.
  6. Take public accountability and declare your goals.

Most people won’t do what it takes to succeed. But you are not most people, you’ll take the road less taken and build better habits for greatness.