Benefits of Checklists
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Benefits of Checklists

Why you should use a checklist for all your projects.
Benefits of Checklists

There are three types of problem: simple, complicated, and complex. Checklists can be used for all of these problems.

Why you need a checklist for all your projects:

It protects you against failure by ensuring you perform each necessary steps

When you start a project, you will be overwhelmed with the volume and its complexity. This makes it difficult to perform your tasks in a correct, safe, and reliable manner. And as human, we have the tendency to lull ourselves into skipping important steps subconsciously even if we remember them.

Checklists prevent you from these failures because they clarify the minimum required steps. Checklists let you verify whether you’ve performed the steps and instill discipline that will lead you to peak performance.

It sets a higher standard of baseline performance

Even if you just go through the motion, you meet a standard that is acceptable for the project. With checklists, you push the power of decision-making out of the focus and you can perform the tasks with experience and expertise.