Be Resilient in Your Quest to Success
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Be Resilient in Your Quest to Success

No negative self talk.
Be Resilient in Your Quest to Success

Every action faces resistance. Whenever you act, you’ll face the resistance to change. And that’s good because without struggles, there is no success. You’ll become stronger after you’ve overcome hardship.

Embrace the challenge when a task is more difficult than your expectation. The belief that you’ll succeed no matter the obstacles must come from within you.

Attribute positive results to your ability, and negative results to a lack of effort. Don’t be swayed by your negative pessimistic thoughts, catch the thoughts in your mind and let the moment fleet. Get rid of these negative self-talks:

  1. Everything bad is your fault
  2. Nothing is changeable
  3. One negative event will ruin everything
  4. Nothing will workout

Your journey to success will always be a challenge. Once you’ve accepted that, every worst-case scenario is expected. Don’t let a temporary setback defeat you.

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