Ask Powerful Questions to Sell
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Ask Powerful Questions to Sell

Lessons from the Science of Selling.
Ask Powerful Questions to Sell

When you master the art of asking questions, you can increase the chances of a prospect buying from you by simply asking. When you ask questions the right way, you help your prospects realise that they need your product or service.

The mind cannot multitask, use this to your advantage. When you ask your prospect a question, lead his mind to think only about what you’re asking. Don’t ask your prospect questions that don’t reveal their needs. Surprise them by letting them find out what they didn’t know they need. Your every sales conversation should be tailored to understanding your customer’s need, and how you can benefit them with your offering.

Human absorbs information in layers. Instead on thinking the types of questions to ask, you should use the understanding of layers to reveal information in an order that let them find out their needs.

The three basic layers of sales questions:

  1. Initiate the conversation and tackle the fundamental facts. Find out their budget and the timeline that they need a product/ service.
  2. Go deeper. Use silence effectively to lure information out of your prospects. Use “why” more often, e.g. why is this important to you?
  3. Guide your prospects into thinking about their buying decisions. Build trust and authority with the questions. Unblock the obstacles in their mind. Ask questions such as “what is stopping you?”, “what will be the costs of you not solving this problem immediately?”