Are You Reactive or Proactive?
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Are You Reactive or Proactive?

To change yourself, you must first learn about yourself.
Are You Reactive or Proactive?

Self-management begins with taking ownership of your life. You can’t be the hero of your story if you’re always playing the victim. If you sit around all day waiting for results to happen, you’ll only meet frustrations and disappointment.

If you want to be effective in every faucet of your life, you must first be proactive. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do, figure things out on your own accord. Successful people take initiative and responsibility for their life.

To become more proactive, pay attention to:

  1. Your language. Words have power. A proactive person is always using words like, “I’ll see what I can do”, “Let’s explore options.” On the other hand, a reactive person will say things like “there’s nothing else I can do.”
  2. Where you spend your time and energy. Proactive people focus on things that they can change, reactive people focus on things they cannot change.

As you go about your day, listen to the words you use with yourself and how you spend your time and energy. If you are more reactive and proactive, change it.