13 Traits of a Leader
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13 Traits of a Leader

Learn how you can be a great leader too.
13 Traits of a Leader

In the book, How to Lead, by David Rubenstein, he interviewed successful billionaires and leaders from all trades. He deciphered their success and distilled the qualities that made them leaders.

He found 13 common attributes among leaders:

  1. Luck: while leaders have innate qualities that make them great, they also succeed because they were in the right place at the right time.
  2. Desire: leaders have an insatiable drive to succeed, you can’t teach desire. They’re going to win, no matter what.
  3. Pursuit of something new: leaders are driven to create something unique. They want to create a niche that they can own.
  4. Hard work: they don’t mind the long hours, they don’t fear the work. They fear not manifesting their dreams.
  5. Focus: they have their eyes on the target. They aren’t distracted by anything and they always remember they want.
  6. Failure: they don’t fear the hiccups along the way, they accept setbacks and they improvise.
  7. Persistence: they’re in for the long haul, no matter the obstacles, they stay on the grind.
  8. Persuasiveness: they gather allies by convincing them of their vision to gain support.
  9. Humility: they recognise that humility is the foundation of growth. They don’t let pride consume them.
  10. Credit sharing: they give credit to those who help them to succeed.
  11. Perpetual learning: they never stop learning, they keep expanding their knowledge.
  12. Integrity: they stand for their ideas and people, no matter the adversity.
  13. Strength in crisis: they don’t fear the storm. Great leaders lead their people through the crises.

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