10 Steps to Run a Great Marketing Campaign
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10 Steps to Run a Great Marketing Campaign

Marketing lessons.

A great campaign begins with an effective structure. The concept that creativity requires a chaotic approach is flawed.

Here are 10 steps that David Ogilvy uses to build great campaigns:

  1. Content dictates the creative process. Craft the content strategy first and test the content appeal with your audience to gauge reception.
  2. Build around great ideas.
  3. Give facts with transparency and candour to your audience so that they trust you.
  4. Make your offer stand out from the crowd.
  5. Charm your prospect into being your customer.
  6. Keep your marketing materials modern and relevant to the audience.
  7. Don’t let committees write your advertisements.
  8. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Don’t be impulsive, sticks with what works. Just because you’re bored with a campaign, it doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.
  9. Write advertisements you want your family to read. This will contribute to the brand image. It’s difficult to change a brand image, it’s easier to start fresh. Shape your brand image around a personality to differentiate your offer. Avoid the race to the bottom through promotions and deals.
  10. Don’t copy others. Get inspiration from others if you need, but never copy.